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Planning & Building Regulation advice and Drawing work sit's as a core service at Millbrook Building Consultancy.

Millbrook Building Consultancy have an established track record of providing architectural design on behalf of clients, whether they be residential or commercial. 


The Process


Once the initial measured survey has been completed we will seek to convert the measurements taken into existing floor plans and elevations.  These are then taken forwards to develop into proposed designs to put to the client and once agreed these can be submitted to planning.

Once submitted and registered with the Local Authority, the application takes approximately 8-12 weeks for a decision to be reached.

In the meantime, the initial planning drawings can be detailed up to produce Building Regulation compliant drawings and construction notes.  These combined with a specification can be used to go out to tender to obtain pricing.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations are the minimum standard to build to in the United Kingdom (noting that N.Ireland and Scotland differ).  We work with Structural Engineers to further the design to produce construction drawings ready to go out to tender and build off.

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