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A maintenance programme provides a schedule of building elements describing the condition and any backlog repairs or replacement works needed to bring the estate into repair and then keep it maintained in the future. In addition to providing budget cost for each works item, a priority coding is assigned, to convey the risk of not undertaking or deferring works.

The Maintenance Programme is a powerful decision support tool, which allows a user to interrogate the maintenance data within it and consider the strategic, operational and financial risks involved for the estate.


  • Better financial planning.

  • Reduction of reactive unplanned repair works.

  • Reduction of operational disruption due to reactive works.

  • Overview of current condition issues.

  • Enables risk profiling of planned works.

  • Understanding the impacts on building occupiers.

  • Early warning of potential risks or operational disruption.

Specific client requirements can vary greatly for each maintenance programme. An important element of our service is to understand the physical and commercial factors involved so an appropriate approach can be established. Such factors may include: Landlord and Tenant maintenance responsibilities; future plans for redevelopment, refurbishment or conversion; annual financial constraints.

Working closely with our quantity surveyors this, provides assurance that the costings used are sufficient and reflect the works required.

Service options

  • Internal and external building fabric appraisal

  • Building services appraisal with testing options

  • Utilising past client cost information

  • Advice on strategic maintenance planning and work procurement

  • Administration of maintenance, refurbishment/conversion and new build works

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