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The role of a Cost Consultant (Quantity Surveyors) on any project is to have financial control of the project.  Cost Consultancy is a core service for Millbrook Building Consultancy.

The role of a cost consultant commences at the outset of the project typically includes for cost plans and budget appraisals to be compiled drawing from the project teams specification of works.

Service Options

·         Initial feasibility and cost plans

·         Furthered costs plans

·         Full Contract Administration Services

Benefits of the Services

·         Allows for the client to be fully appraised of the costs at the outset of the project

·         Allows for checking of valuations and applications of payment from the contractor

·         Monthly reporting and checking against anticipated spend

·         Valuation of project variations against time/ cost / project delays

·         Settlement of the Final Project Account

​We have extensive experience on projects ranging from thousands up to several million in size on private residential and commercial projects.

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